It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome all of you on behalf of the owners and the employees of Árpád-Agrár Ltd.
I am pleased to be the leader of the holding for almost a quarter century now, which was established by the region's gardeners in 1960.
From their cooporation a strong alliance saw the light, an alliance that we and also our generation aknowledges and proud of.
What also makes me proud is the fact that we have been working together for 40 years with more than 500 staff members as cooperatives and as a shareholder group for the last 15 years.
We are pleased to live in the blessed countryside where the sun, the river, the thermal water and the soil beneath our feet, makes it possible to produce wide range of food and this represents our 'farm to fork' slogan.
We can give the highest recommendation of the products we are working with to either customers or family members like grandparents or granchildren.

'The company that is working for us and for our future with responsibility and commitment!'

dr. Miklós Csikai